SEUM Speedrunners from Hell: The Drunk Side of the Moon Crack Mac Osx

SEUM Speedrunners from Hell: The Drunk Side of the Moon | 673.48 MB


SEUM: Drunk face of the moon is an expansion that adds three enhancers and 33 new levels in a new spatial environment. 
Speedrun mode now has mutators that allow you to play mode speedrun with an enhancer of your choice to start the level. Revive the old levels with totally different strategies.

When you overcome all new levels, you can create your own with the map editor. We’ve updated so that there are no problems with the new power – ups.

Main features:

  • Roar (new enhancer!): Aim and fly at full speed through the levels. It is like guiding a dopant redeemer.
  • Rocket (new enhancer!): Now you can jump like a rocket. And yes, really cool. But this does not end here! You really that you climb on a rocket and headed! Too slow? Do not worry, shoot the rocket with a fireball to give a little push.
  • Shadow World (new enhancer!): Explore specifically created levels from two points of view: the world of light and shadow world.
  • A cool new environment located in outer space.
  • Mutator additional speedrun: Rugido and rocket.
  • Jitz a new song.
  • More Easter eggs and secrets. 😉



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