Sierra Cache Cleaner 11.1.5 Crack Mac Osx

Sierra Cache Cleaner 11.1.5 | Mac OS X | 70 MB. 

Sierra Cache Cleaner is an award winning general purpose tool for OS X. It makes system maintenance simple with an easy point and click interface to many OS X functions. The novice and expert users alike will appreciate the powerful toolset provides SCC. Sierra Cache Cleaner is one of the most important maintenance tools in the world, with millions of downloads worldwide.

It is a unique solution for all your maintenance needs OS X. Intel or PPC, Tiger or El Capitan, SCC has the tools to keep the system at its best. Documentation and SCC engine maintain system health by providing full automation of common maintenance chores including virus scanning of internet downloads. SCC engine can even repair permissions automatically after software installation. With the SCC engine, powerful maintenance and antivirus system can be fully transparent and be as close to you as your menu bar.





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