SmallCubed MailSuite 1.0.4 Crack Mac Osx

SmallCubed MailSuite 1.0.4 | macOS | 12 Mb

We have been working hard to get our MailSuite ready for Mac OS 10.14 Mojave. With MailSuite migrate our 4 main products (MailTags, Mail Act-On, Mail Perspectives and SigPro) to a single supplement: SmallCubed MailSuite. 

Use MailTags to escape the restrictions of folders and organize your messages for keywords, projects, important, color, expiration dates and more. Label your messages quickly using window MailTags labeling fluid.
Use the powerful search MailTags integration and smart mailboxes to quickly locate messages. Data mailing labels shown concisely in line with their messages and dynamically color depending on the importance, the project or the next date. 
Create rules to automatically assign tags to your incoming messages. Add tags to your messages while composing. Combine Mail Act-On MailSuite with other components to fully integrate your email in your workflow. 

Mail Act-On
Mail Act-Ons, powerful keystroke rules and interface for sending messages give you the ability to act quickly in your email. Use Mail Act-On to create sophisticated workflows that eliminate email email organization repetitive manual, which is time consuming and prone to errors. 
The rules of the output tray allow you to edit and organize messages you send. With Act-On can automatically CC or BCC messages according to the criteria of the rule. Be sure to always use the correct delivery account for different recipients. Or add special headers. Or delay. And more.
Mail Act-On provides an unmatched ability to manage your messages. Use templates Act-On to respond quickly to messages. Use the options compositing Act-On to specify when messages are delivered, where sent messages are stored and even what rules apply outbox. 

Mail Perspectives

Your email is often something you want on hand but never in the way. Whether you want to view the last message or the list of recent messages, the compact design of the Mail window Perspective means your email can always be visually available, but it is never the focus of your attention until you need it .
Sure your inbox is important, but if you’re like many Mail users, you probably have several mailboxes that are equally important, if not more. Use Mail Perspectives to create a window compact outlook for each of its critical mailboxes. Use the bar All / New / Today to adapt the messages displayed. 
Browse Mail windows can be a handful when you want to open different displays, mailbox to search for messages. With Mail Perspectives windows you can configure multiple panels. Expand the space when you need it and hide all windows with a keystroke. It’s like returning to the tranquility at home after an afternoon of errands. 

SigPro gives you the ability to create a signature once and use it for all accounts, even if you have specific account information, such as your email address. The elements that can be added generally include email address, user name and account name. 
With SigPro, you can insert the text you want in your signature calling a script at the time the message is created. The possibilities are endless using this capability! 
If you want a witty quote in your emails, you can compile a list of them in a text file and insert a random SigPro for you in each new message.




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