The Bible 4.12 Crack Mac Osx

The Bible 4.12 | macOS | 309 MB. 

The Bible is an easy to navigate Bible Mac connection with a smart user interface and lots of useful features. It will allow you to immerse yourself in the scriptures without all the clutter Internet.
The Bible is a complete package for the study of the Bible with a modern approach to it. It is simple, elegant and beautiful.

Key features: The Bible

New features:
• completely renovated design.
• Book search.
• Powerful search Bible Now search the verse chapter and verse number.
• Decrease or increase font size.
• choose from eight background colors to read the Bible.
• You can choose from 12 font styles to read the Bible.
• Increase or decrease the speed of speech.
• Change the background color of the presentation view.
• Hide left panel consisting of the book list.
• Then search the Bible with the name of the book, verse number.
• Fight highlighted verses arranged in different colors ..
• Then save magazines in different folders.
• Add sermons: Taking notes with voice recording.
• Concordance of the Bible is added.
• Added more than 50 new versions of the Bible.

Other Features:
• Easy to navigate the smart user interface.
• Add more than 100 versions / translations of the Bible in the application library. (See list below)
• Magazines Write or make notes and save them for future reference.
• Share magazines through all available sharing options.
• Verse Search Search the Bible with keywords and reach a specific chapter or book.
• Reading in parallel: Open two lateral translations of the Bible and different side cross – reference.
• Option to move both together or separately Translations.
• mark as favorite Bible passages and see them all in one place.
• Highlight color capsules Bible and see them all in one place.
• Copy Bible verse application and stick anywhere.
• Verso Journal: Get inspired daily Bible quotes in a small pop-up.
• Talk Mode: The Bible reading Bible verses for you.
• Presentation Mode: Display Bible scriptures to a projector screen or a secondary monitor in full screen.

 What’s new

– Available biblical story of the Old and New Testaments.
– Improved search.
– Improved version.





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