The Secret Order: Breach Shadow Collector’s Edition Crack Mac Osx

The Secret Order: Breach Shadow Collector’s Edition | 1.18 GB

Sunward Games proudly presents another chapter of his classic adventure series The Secret Order!

Sarah Pennington is back, called to help investigate a strange almanac is sealing an ancient power. They are also revealing other powerful artifacts, and when one sticks to Sarah, is trapped in an ancient battle, finally ending when the almanac is opened. Can Sarah and their allies prevent the almanac is opened or is it really the end of the world? Discover this bold game hidden object adventure!

  • Restore the power of the elements in Chapter Bonus!
  • HOP and play minigames until you master it.
  • Enjoy exclusive wallpapers, concept art, music and more!
  • Lots of collectibles and morphing to find!
  • Earn achievements and unlock badges!



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