TotalSpaces 2.7.4 Crack Mac Osx

TotalSpaces 2.7.4 | Mac OS X | 11 MB. 

Instead of the linear row of spaces provided by Mission Control, TotalSpaces2 lets you create a grid that you can navigate with keyboard shortcuts and gestures of the trackpad.

One of the most useful features of TotalSpaces2 is that it allows to assign certain applications to particular areas. This means that if you have a 3×3 grid, you can make sure your Twitter client is always in the upper left space and your email client is always in the center of the right.

Switch from one application to another using the Command tab, by default displays the applications in the order in which they were most recently used. This means that your email client may require a different number of pressures tab every time you change it. By using TotalSpaces2 to assign it to a specific position on a grid, you can change it at will quickly and reliably.

TotalSpaces2 is especially useful in smaller screen devices such as the MacBook Air line. On larger screens can display two programs next to each other, however, on screens 13 “and smaller, things get very close if you try this.

With TotalSpaces2, you can ensure that the two programs you use regularly together as a browser for research and a text editor to write, are adjacent in the grid so you can quickly switch between them with a keyboard shortcut or a gesture.




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