Usher 1.1.17 Crack Mac Osx

Usher 1.1.17 | Mac OS X | 10 MB. 

Usher is his assistant personal cinema, making the complicated task of managing your movie collection easy and enjoyable. So much so I actually have time to watch your movies, instead of spending all your time to organize them .
Usher interface allows you to group your movies, add information data tags, search for movies in your collection and, of course, watch any movie you want to see.

Usher integrates all your movies under one roof, as you can see and work with photos and videos stored in iTunes, and even the oldest of Aperture and iPhoto. (The videos DRM protected iTunes should be played directly in iTunes, of course.)

Usher supports any format that QuickTime ™ can play, including those supported by QuickTime ™ extenders such as Perian and Flip4Mac WMV Components. You can watch movies in full screen mode, of course, or in a viewer windows. In the display windows, you can choose between a floating overlay controller and then disappears, or a control rod always located outside the area of ​​the film.

Labels and Usher properties allow you to add tons of useful metadata (data about data) to your collection. A tag is a simple yes / no value, as keywords in other programs. The properties are fields that can store more than one value, as Cast or Producer. You can create as many tags and properties as you want and use them to allow very fine control over the classification and search your collection.

Folders, playlists and smart playlists Usher can be used to further organize your movies. Folders in the Finder function as Mac OS X, while playlists and smart playlists will be familiar to anyone who has spent any time in iTunes.

The Smart Playlists Usher are really incredibly smart; For example, you can create a smart playlist for grouping all movies recorded according to the year and Usher can automatically create subfolders within that smart playlist, one for each year recorded in his collection.




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