Versatil Markdown 2.0.50 Crack Mac Osx

Versatil Markdown 2.0.50 | Mac OS X | 27 MB. 
Markdown is a versatile hipernotebook created from Markdown / CommonMark with 1Password integration, HTML / CSS support, syntax highlighting, keyboard frictionless flow, intelligent insertion drag and drop, multiple themes, alias documents and more.

## Feature Overview

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words, if you are not editing the text, then it is displayed as rendering, which facilitates reading and reference. 
### Markdown / CommonMark Syntax
Based on the new specification _CommonMark_ and GitHub Flavored Markdown improved, you get all the normal goodness of Markdown, lists more ** ** and ** ** tables. 
### Multiple Folders “source”
Easily add all your notes, perhaps a set of blog posts in our Documents folder, press work and several projects in your Dropbox or iCloud Drive. 
### HTML / CSS / 4 compatible Bootstrap
are also supported embedded HTML and CSS. For the true power user, you can use the framework Bootstrap Integrated 4
### Task lists “live”
Task lists are “live”: click the check box and marked in the source document. Create a list of all and mark them one by one as they occur, without having to directly edit the document. 
1Password ### Integration
If you use _1Password_ to store your logins on several websites, you can easily create a link to one of these sites by simply dragging an item from 1Password to the editor window. 
### Integrated File spark
An easy way to chronicle and capture thoughts or ideas through the creation of _sparks_. Each spark is marked with a date and time and kept in chronological order, so that it can quickly navigate through them.
## Additional Features
– Data stored as text 
– Flow frictionless keyboard 
– Click to edit 
– Share menu integration 
– Export (HTML, PDF and web files) 
– mathjax for TeX and LaTeX Support 
– Support touchbar 
– Navigation history back / forward 
– Integration QuickLook


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