Viking Brothers 4 Crack Mac Osx

Viking Brothers 4 | 981.71

Help the Vikings Brothers to defend themselves when a mythological race rises from the ocean and threatens to change their world forever!

Having won the eternal favor of the gods after defeating Loki and his evil plans, Everand and Boromere are wanting to retire well deserved. But then a tsunami travels the beautiful land of Midgard, ravaging their home.

Determined to resist the face of adversity, the Viking Brothers set out to learn the cause of the massive wave and repairing their land: a construction, a bridge and a field at a time. Before your trip ends, will join forces with an old enemy in a surprising twist that will forever change the fate of Midgard!

To help the Vikings in their quest brothers, you must guide them and other animated characters through dozens of visually stunning levels full strategic challenges. Players who prefer a relaxed experience can face the game without the timer and captivating experience the same plot, winning many of the same achievements and enjoy the exciting chapter locked.

Join today and Boromere Everand and become an honorary lifetime Viking!

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