VK Antivirus Pro 5.0.1 Crack Mac Osx

VK Antivirus Pro 5.0.1 MAS + In-App | macOS | 160 MB.

Give your Mac Pro Antivirus VK detection system with Live! You are having trouble with a slow Mac or annoying pop-ups and ads that take over your browser and cause headache? Just found the solution. VK Antivirus Pro is the perfect choice for your needs. It will restore your browser and clean your Mac from any malware it finds.


New – Live detection of suspicious applications. 
Stop worrying about being downloaded and installed an application suspicious. 
VK Antivirus Pro helped you! We are actively exploring the Applications folder and warn when we find something suspicious. 
Detects and removes malware found on your Mac.

primary options:

Quick Scan: will search your Mac critical locations and quickly identify any malware. 
Full Scan: will provide the best results and achieve one of the best detection rates 
scan custom: can be used to scan USB drives or any external drive or folder 
cleaner browser: give your browser a new life. Clean any suspicious finding your browser will be restored.




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