Weather Dock 4.5.0 Crack Mac Osx

Weather Dock 4.5.0 MAS | Mac OS X | 278 MB.

Weather Dock puts time on your desktop. With a glance at the dock icon, you can view current weather conditions forecast today or tomorrow. With one click you can access current conditions and detailed weather forecasts to 7 days. 

Weather forecast details: 
• Access current conditions detailed and window weather forecast 7 days with a single click 
• Detailed forecast two days every 3 days 
• Support location multiple forecast 
• The forecast window is animated icons 
• or metric 
• time is updated every 60 minutes. 
• Automatically update the time if you missed the update due to lack of Internet

Animated Dock customizable icon: 
  • The badge icon shows: Temp current, wind or feels like temp or temperature min / max today / tomorrow 
  • Time can be: current conditions, forecast today or tomorrow 
  • Climatic conditions text color: black, white or white with gray background 
  • adjustable animation speed (you can disable) 




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