Whispered Secrets: Enfant Terrible Collector’s Edition Crack Mac Osx

Whispered Secrets: Enfant Terrible Collector’s Edition | 988.48 MB

Grandma Studios Limited proudly presents the latest addition to the series Whispered Secrets!

When a stranger approaches you with information about an ancient artifact, you find yourself trapped in a strange world of nightmares and dark memories. Can you find a way to beat the monster nightmare or you will become his latest victim? Find out in this exciting puzzle adventure hidden object!

See what our beta testers had to say: 
“A great addition to this series interesting new premise The HOP were unique and pleasant The minigames could be easy or difficult graphics and sound were excellent especially enjoyed the party!…. adventure dreams. Good job! ” – Michael, Beta Tester

“OH MY GOSH THIS GAME hooked from the beginning! The tutorial is fantastic and explained everything, even the hidden collectibles bonus. The puzzles were fun and the game is very colorful. Thanks for starting my day with a good note. I appreciate it!” – Angela, Beta Tester

  • Journey to a dream world in the bonus game!
  • Many achievements and collectibles to find.
  • HOP fun and playing minigames.
  • You’d never miss the Strategy Guide!



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