WidsMob HDR 2.3 Crack Mac Osx

WidsMob HDR 2.3 | Mac OS X | 2.86 MB. 

WidsMob has an advanced HDR tone mapping algorithm that combines a set of 3 different pictures bracketed with an advanced HDR tone mapping algorithm. WidsMob HDR HDR provides optimal results to enhance photos as eye view. It also provides live preview with complete resolution of the HDR photographs.

Customize HDR photos using the tone mapping parameters, such as duration of hue and saturation tone. Color management is also compatible with the brightness, saturation and contrast. It is easy to adjust settings for the best results in high dynamic range. It supports JPEG and RAW formats taken by most types of DSLR cameras or smart phones. Instant Preview Photo HDR high quality Retina display support. Save files in JPEG, PNG and TIFF files in high quality without additional changes. Automatically align images to grab photos that may have some aberration. Suppression of ghosts to create HDR images moving objects such as cars, clouds, people and more. Always makes the best results with superior algorithm. WidsMob HDR Plus also provides some default presets or effects to enhance the HDR effects. It provides the HDR effects in black and white as well as HDR effects artist.




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